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  •  Our Supplements are from natural plants
  • 100% safe with no side effects
  • Quality products from us and respected sources
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Our Unique Treatment Process

Emphasis on Care and Satisfaction

Diagnosis is the first step. Our expert medical team and laboratory will diagnose any ailments and do general checks as necessary


We then educate you on alternatives available through our treatments, including what patients should do, eg, fasting, purging, detoxification, etc

Treatment & Supervision

We ensure you follow rigourous treatment with access to supplies of required supplements and advice.


After stipulated periods, patients are reviewed for progress and further treatment/diet plans and sessions.

Wellness and Health

Herbal Technology Plans

  • Diagnosis
  • Advice
  • Care
  • Supervision

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Herbal Technology was established in June 2007, we are a scientific primary healthcare facility, registered by the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of the Ministry of Health, Ghana. With years of quality experience in alternative healthcare, the company has a legacy of continued success in providing health care and does not prescribe medications without a patient thoroughly examined. Herbal Technology offers programmes that provide healthcare assistance to clients, ensuring that they are exposed to getting healthy standards of living in order to prevent sicknesses and diseases from claiming very quality lives. 
Your Advantages with Us
Cleansing of all wastes and toxins in your body with our treatments
Helping to condition your bodily functions to perform at their peak
Relaxing and refreshing feelings, reducing fatigue and stress, pain etc.
Feel the rejuvenation that is distinct based on the practical reversal of the aging process.
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